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This Journal is FOR The People and BY The People, Interested in The Weather National Oceanography and Atmospheric Asscotiation Weather Channel Website Underground Weather Source
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Nov. 24th, 2005 @ 09:39 am A meteorology idear i have been planning out and writing down

Ok so before i say anythin about my idea, making this plan in
my head was for scientific purposes, but 50% of it is scientific,
and the other 50% is for personal interest. I have been planning out
something that i would like to call, the device that could change how we think,
and everything came from the heart, for when i first realized one important goal
of mine that i PLAN to keep and complete.

My Invention::::First off, before i say anything, telling you The purpose of my invention first seems better.
The whole idea of this is to be able to study, the inside of a tornado, and a whole lot better.
People have only sent trinkits inside a tornado, and all they do is just plant some box or whatever,
in the tornado's path, and just let the twister scoop it up,
but what i plan to do with this device is pretty much the same thing, but with a insane twist.

The device, or "Plexy-Glass Box/Ball," will infact be atleast 10ft in height, 7ft wide,
with a radius of about 5ft, and diameter of 10ft. It will include, every state-of-the-art device,
including as well on very important intelligent device in the middle, and that would be MYSELF!
I think that by building this contraption with a professinal amount of meteorology devices,
all around the sides, putting myself in the middle will add on and complete to my number devices.
I choose to place myself in the middle to get a entire shot, viewing the whole twister
completely from the inside, and giving me the pleasure of doing so will also allow
me to record and caculate everything i need to.

The Added bonus to this scientific research, is the obvious of course, being
that i will be able survive, entering in & out of the twister. Now your probably thinking
"What are you thinking!? Don't you realize that if the debry in the funnel doesn't kill,
hitting the ground from the twister will!" You make a great point, but my invention
comes with a significant amount of protection along with it.

I plan to build the box out of atleast 200 Strong layers of the
hardest plexy-glass ever made, and also with a clear, crystalized foam or padding
that i have recently came across. The amount of layers of glass are not exact,
but i would of course make sure to caculate the correct amount of layers,
but thats not all. You didn't think that this was for
both the debry and falling towards the ground,
DID YOU?! NO NO NO!!! You are absolutley wrong.

The padding or protection is only for any debry related occournces,
but i would infact install a parachute system (that would sit inside
the box so it can't be destroyed by debry) for when i am ejected
from the twister. I will be able to execute the release of the parachute from inside the box.
Also, i will try to have as much comfort while in there, and i do mean comfort!
I will have a chair, mounted inside the middle, mocking the same design of the ball
found in the Jodie Foster movie "Contact." It will be mounted down and i will be
scurely strapped to it, but with the chair is video camera's. That will be placed
amongst the top part of the chair, for this idea i will be able to record any such
events that would occure inside the twister.

Obviously safety is a number one concern in my plan, but there is nothing more
in this world that i would rather do then to achieve this goal of mine, and you will
know the size of my determination to save lives when i risk my own for its scientific purpose.
I realize that there is an extremley high risk factor considering the exsistence of
my own life when attempting to do something like this, but i will stop at NOTHING to
achieve this goal of mine, this personal flame in my heart that i plan to exstingush.

Like i said, i am doing this for scientific purposes, but half that is also
for my own personal pleasure. Because MAN WOULDN'T THAT BE AWESOME TO RIDE INSIDE A TWISTER.
They could call me OR the device ---- ((((MISTER TWISTER)))) ----
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Nov. 24th, 2005 @ 03:53 am Hows about we start this party with a ~HOT TOPIC~
I have a topic that i want to know what other people think about!

$1,000,000 Question: How long do you think we have in this world, before the south becomes so horrible, and the north seems like
a vacation to everyone?

I mean i recently glanced at a book that listed the occasions of chaos, which was weather related, and it seriously seems like
from 10 years to now, frighting clues point to our weather chaos increasing.

I mean i am not certified yet, but i want to know what are all your thoughts on this!
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