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The World of The Meteorological Society

Join and Talk About Mother-Nature at Her Finest Moments!

The Community For Storm Fanatics!!
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This is a community i created, for people who are as extreme as I am about the weather, and it's incredible imagination!
Please feel free to join and post any(WEATHER-RELATED)topics.
Swearing, Threating, Vulgarness, and Competitive Talking are all welcomed in this (No Bullshit Community)
People like us(Us=weather admirers) are more common then you think. I think everyone has a facination with storms, but were the kind that actually will do something about it. I am a college student with a determined goal to reach the top of the AMS & CCM world.
Again, i insist! that you do whatever you please on this website, just as long as it is about weather, but basically just have with this community. Who knows, this may even be educational for all of us, and i hope atleast that it is for me.
because i really dont want to read about someone dissin' some dudes mama.